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 Thoroughbred Ownership

Whether you own 5% of a racehorse or 100% of a racehorse, ownership is an amazing experience especially when you are standing in the Winner's Circle. Here are a few things you should consider before deciding what percentage of a racehorse you might want to own:

            Training Rates

● Daily Training Rates: $120 per day
● Horse Shoes: $220 every 30-40 days
● Vet Bills: Depends on the horse but       averages $450 per month and can
   be as much as or over $1000 per           month.
● Transportation: Varies depending on     your destination
● Miscellaneous Expenses: Vitamins,         equine therapy and dental are
   additional costs


Be Part of a Winning Team!

FirstHome Thoroughbreds gives everyone the opportunity to experience the exciting world of Thoroughbred horse racing either as a 100% owner or a fractional-share owner. At FirstHome Thoroughbreds, our first priority is the care of the horses and then we make certain our owners enjoy the dream of a lifetime!


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