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FirstHome Thoroughbreds is offering a unique opportunity to become a fractional-share owner of world-class Thoroughbred racehorses at an affordable price 

Owning 100% of a racehorse during training will run between $3,000 and $5,000 per month. At FirstHome Thoroughbreds, we design partnerships to meet your financial considerations. So, depending upon your financial tolerance, you decide the percentage of a racehorse that you want to own and we'll make it happen! Then, get ready to enjoy the "Dream of a Lifetime!"

                 Own the Dream!                

  Become a Thoroughbred Racehorse Owner

              Partnership Benefits
• Racehorses at Santa Anita and Del Mar, two of    California's most prestigious race tracks
• Earn a year-end payout of all net proceeds
   generated from racing and claiming activities
• Winner's Circle invitation upon winning
   with photos
• Meet with Adam and the jockeys prior to the
   race in the paddock
• Visit the barn and farm to see your horses
• Enjoy VIP track and dining seating at
  Santa Anita and Del Mar
• Bring friends and family to the track to see          your horses on race day
• Frequent e-mail updates on your horse and
   claiming activity


        Partnership Overview

• $2,600 buys 1 share in multiple horses
   with no monthly invoices.
   Multiple shares available
• 2 to 5 horses in training
   each month to help diversify risk
• No mark up on horses
• Monthly emailed Statement and
  updates on horses.
• Claiming Racing Partnership
  Program is based on a 12 month
  time-line with a final payout at the
  end of the term
The objective of each partnership is to raise $250,000. During the year, horses will be raced, sold and claimed. All net proceeds along with winning purses will be calculated. Financial updates will be distributed on a monthly basis. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the intent will be to claim off all remaining horses. The objective is to "wind-up" the partnership at the end of the year and payout any remaining monies to partners on a
Pro-rata basis.
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